1911 E100 Type II Bishop & Company

Extremely rare counterparts to the E100 Type I issue. Cards feature blanks backs, different croppings, sometimes reversed images (Hitt), and different typeface than the Type I examples. Only found in green and orange.

Please note the lines that show up on the player images are a product of the scanner and do not appear on the cards themselves.

1911 E100-II Danzig PSA1 1850

1911 E100-II Hitt PSA 1250

1911 E100-II Nelson BVG3 2400

1911 E100-II ORourke PSA1 1850

1911 E100-II Rapps PSA1 1450

1911 E100-II Seaton PSA1 1750

1911 E100-II Steen PSA1 1850

1911 E100-II Weaver BVG15 6500

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